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Leukemia In Children

The progression of this cancer may affect the functions of the varying normal cells such as platelets and red blood cells found in the child’s body... Read more..

Toronto Theatre Shows

The fact that Toronto has always been popular for the most amazing display of theatrical experiences made them even more exciting. There are different companies that are involved... More on this page..

Plus Size Dresses

In today’s fashion world, weight is no longer an issue. The very first step in choosing new plus size dresses for your closet is to know what type of body shape you have. There... Click here to continue..

Water Parks In NJ

No wonder thousands of tourists find time to flock into this vibrant state located on the east-central part of the United States floating above the great Atlantic Ocean. The state of New Jersey is famous for their many tourist attractions including historical landmarks where you can go on an educational trip to make your vacation worthwhile by actually learning something... More on this page..

Cropped Tops

You need to learn the different ways on how you can turn an old simple shirt into a sexy and flirty cropped top. Here is the process of making a crop top on your own using... Click here to read more..

Cheap Pumps

They are designed to give comfort to you and make you look as stylish as you can. Moreover, you can find a lot of cheap pumps today that are of high... Read more..

Easter Dinner Menu

Cover the ham with the foil and put it on a rimmed baking sheet. Begin to roast the ham for about 2 hours in the oven. Approximately 14 minutes is estimated for every pound. Another on the list for the Easter dinner menu includes Garlic and Herb Lamb. You will need the following:• 1 ½ tsp. salt• 1 tsp. crushed and dried rosemary• ½ black pepper• 2... More on this page..

Ear Gauge Size Chart

Even parents submit their babies to have their ears pierced during their visit to their doctors because for some parents who have daughters, earrings signify femininity and among many other things. Teenage boys sport an earring to create that bad boy image or to signify masculinity. Whichever the... Read more..

Sexy Maids

Looking at both profiles, one can find it amusing that cleaning is one of the first girl’s favorite hobbies. Also, both profiles indicate that these sexy maids are energetic and like... Click here to continue..

Girls Snow Pants

There are also varieties for both kinds and adults and all of them are made to keep the cold out from the leg area. All of the wonderful features that these... More on this site..

Long Sweaters

These types are actually unisex and can be translated in both the man and the woman’s body. Sweaters for women have more variations when it comes to shape, design, color and fit. A long sweater definitely has long sleeves that protect the arms from low temperatures. There are sweaters, specially the cardigan type, that extend down to the level of the knee. Those are often called cardigan dress since it opens up... Continue reading..

Gender Prediction Test

There is nothing more thrilling than knowing what the gender of your soon-to-be baby will be. The excitement in every pregnancy isn’t just about the fact that there will be another cute little addition to the family but whether this adorable little angel would be the one to join mom in the mall for shopping or to be with dad playing football or baseball games. Luckily, the world has created for us a... Find out more...

Toronto Musicals

There are also times wherein famous international stage actors visit the city to perform. The year 2012 will not be a slow year for the musical industry of Toronto. The lineup of shows this year is very inviting not only to adults who loves... Click here to read more..

Proposal Format

Here is an example of a proposal format: In the first part of the proposal format is the header in which you should write the name and other information of the receiver. In the second section is called Description. You will write, in this section, a brief description about your company and state the goals and your objectives of the proposal.  In the third proposal format section is called the Executive Summary. This... Click here to continue..

Installed Updates

Yes, you heard that right. You don’t have to be a genius to figure it out although it is a requirement for you to know how to read and to at least have an adequate ability to comprehend simple instructions to be able to find a solution to... More on this page..

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Hola! I am Theo and this my site. I created this page as a project with Articles International, which is an ESL and Web Development program. If you want to contact me, simply use the contact form available on this website. Below is my personal CV, with some examples of websites and articles or blog posts I've written before.

Graduated with distinction from Ryerson University
7 years of article writing experience (specifically intended for Web based viewers)
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Competent, team player employee with a taste for particulars.

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Articles International,2006 - Present
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Hi there! I'm Kevin and this my website. I made this blog as a project for Articles International, which is an ESL and Web Development course. If you'd like to contact me, fill up the contact form available on this page. Below is my personal CV, with some examples of sites and well written articles I've composed perversely.

Graduated with honors from ECS
6 years of web content writing experience (particularly intended for Online viewers)
6 years of web design experience.
Dedicated, self-motivated employee with a taste for information.

Employment Experience.
Articles International,2011 - Present
Staff Manager
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You can find my work on these sites

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Check out these websites for more information:

Business Casual - women

There are lots of ways on how you could personalize your casual dress according to your own personal preference. To appear professional, you should look conservative with the outfit. It has to be borne in your mind that the idea of women’s business casual differs from one office or a business... Source of information..

Editor's pick: the following pages provide more information:

Bridal Undergarments

She makes sure that she would be the loveliest and most gorgeous woman in the world for her most beloved groom in her sexy and daring lingerie. Many brides believe that buying a good bridal lingerie is as important as choosing the perfect... To read more click here...

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The Wrong Side of The Bed

My children must of fell out of their beds this morning and on the wrong side I might add. They are all cranky and my little one is pulling my oldster's hair. The boy is throwing things and yelling at the little one. And the little one is in a destructive mood, which entails, shutting the pie safe doors on the TV while the others watch Curious George and throwing her milk cup on the floor in just the right location so it splatters drops on the door out to the deck. I was up most of the night with a restless, feeding babe, once running into the wall because I thought it was a doorway, in which I forgot to mention this to my husband because everything is like a haze. And someone just threw pots and pans. And I look pretty. I'd take a picture, but that wouldn't be nice. At least the weather is nicer and I can open some windows. And at least my coffee came yesterday in the mail, smelling so nice and making me happy this morning as I opened the bag (No, I do not buy coffee usually over the internet, but one day when I was visiting Jen's blog, she mentioned this coffee and I had to try it once, as it is a bit expensive for me to resort to buying on a regular basis. But once in awhile it is nice and boy....is it good. The best I've ever had).
Ah, it's the little things that make a day tolerable. Click here to continue..

Ahh, the Weekend is Here!

I really think this is really cool. Do you think it would work well with trains?

I love her bags, especially this one. I hope she puts another one up for sale in her shop soon. Or, do I?

I love these shorts, as well as her whole shop. Don't you think they would be fun to wear, sitting out on the patio, drinking coffee in the morning?

And this shop as well. Simple and beautiful designs.
I really think this would be great to have on a wall as you walk into a home.
And are these not the coolest looking bunch of boy shirts ever? Too bad my son despises collars.
But, unfortunately, or not, I should really use my monies to purchase one of these.
You may go for a vacation on weekend Please visit to know more..
Have a fabulous weekend!